WhatsApp Delta for Android has been introduced to provide better facilities. The application is considered the best and suitable alternative to WhatsApp messenger for mobiles in India. It has some amazing features including the facility to send and receive messages from Facebook. The user can easily set up unlimited groups with various people and create different profiles.

Download WhatsApp DELTA APKĀ (version 3.8.0)

The facility to download Whatsapp and send messages is a unique feature offered by this application. The service has been made available at a very reasonable price and it can be downloaded through the Google Play store.

Apart from Facebook:

Apart from Facebook, the other social media sites offer the facility to download WhatsApp for free and that too from Google play. Many other mobiles phone manufacturers to are offering similar services. With the help of these services, one can get access to the latest information and can connect with friends. The best part of all is that it is not very expensive as well.


Modified version:

This WhatsApp android application has been modified to allow multiple downloads. Now, the user can install GBWhatsapp onto his phone and then can also download and use the same on other mobiles with ease. The mod apk WhatsApp also lets the user use the latest Google apps such as play store, music app, e-mails, etc. The user will be able to view all the latest news, images, videos, etc.

Important Features:

The most important thing about this mod APK download terbaru is that it provides security options for the users. It has an inbuilt permission system and blocks some applications which prevent the users from accessing certain programs. It also prevents the users from downloading any applications which have not been cleared. For example, if you are trying to download google chrome os, then you will not be able to do so as it has not been cleared. The whole idea behind the mod is to provide excellent security solutions.

MMS Option is also included:

The Delta includes a new feature called MMS. With this feature, the user can send pictures and text messages to a lot more people than before. It is possible also to send media and video files to someone. The feature also allows the user to chat with the new friends easily as they can see each other’s images, names, and texts.


New contacts and a lot of Features:

The changer also includes new contacts and a lot more features. The new contacts include a lot of famous Chinese celebrities. This includes the likes of Ming Zhuili, Jackie Chan, Ma Zhuilem, defaults, and many more. It also includes a lot of Chinese companies. This includes Baidu, Tencent, and CCTV Corporation.

The user will also have a free service to use for 14 days. This includes the chat function. This means that the chats will be private and will not be listed in the user’s public profile. This is good because then no one will be able to find out who you are chatting with. This also gives you a chance to test the service out. It will allow you to chat with any new friend and even make a new one.

New wallpapers have been added:

The last feature is the new wallpaper. This is a themed wallpaper and is different from the ones used by other users on the app. The changes are minor, but they are very noticeable.

Personalizing phones:

It also provides users with a lot of options when it comes to personalizing their phones. They can now have themes as well as ringtones. Users can also choose what type of icons they would like to have on their phones. Some of these icons include geocaching, cartoons, movies, and even the Virgin Mary.


Messenger Service:

The changer also made some updates to the messenger service. Now it has been enhanced so that it will allow two-factor authentication. This means that an email sent from someone will be considered as an authentic message from the person who sent it. This is a new system that Facebook is testing. It is yet to be introduced to the mainstream, but it is a feature that could soon be available on all of the major services. Delta was not left behind.

Service Availability:

This service is not available in the UK and is still in the testing stage at the moment. It will however be available in other parts of the world very soon. For now, users can try out the new version and send each other messages and group pictures. No one knows whether this will become a hit in the long run, or simply remain as something Facebook is doing for testing purposes.

Download link:

The latest WhatsApp DELTA APK is provided here to download free on Android. Follow the URL to download the latest WhatsApp DELTA APK.