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The new TMWhatsApp is a type of other WhatsApp. But it introduced more features and more privacy for users. This Application is 99.9% Secure from any kind of risk or hacking issues. Many of our users are using TMWhatsApp, the purpose of using this application is the regular updates of new versions and every new update has new features added.

This application also now’s a privacy app. Because it has many features if you want to be online. But don’t want to share your active status with others. There is a feature for that simply go to settings and turn off your active status. No one will be able to see your active status. There are many more new features in this single application like a one-click download of any type of status text, video, or other simply click the download button which is been provided to you.

Another amazing feature Of status viewing is If you see the status of anyone then have the choice to make it seen or make it unseen. If you want to permit to make yourself a viewer of contact then click on the double tick. Developers created this TMWhatsApp application according to users’ moods and what users want to use as it is. The following Screen shorts make you more understand about B58 MINI and other details/pieces of information are shared below.


What is TMWhatsApp?

TMWhatsApp is a social application in which users share their text, voice messages, or video or audio calling with any WhatsApp user. Nowadays WhatsApp is a trending source of communication majority of people are using TMWhatsApp as per their needs. Many other WhatsApp is available on Google but this application is advanced from other mods. Because it has lots of new latest features is secure and easier to use.

What are the new latest features of the TM?

As there are lots of new features, some of the latest are mentioned below.

  • Active status is hidden.
  • Download status.
  • Hide last seen.
  • Hide status view.
  • Hide status.
  • Theam, text, text size, icon.
  • Showing Deleted images, voice, pictures, documents, files, or videos
  • Open once shared images, voice, pictures, video, files, or documents are still available.
  • Hide contact names or numbers.


Active status is hidden:

This property is used for hiding your active sign (Online) or green dot, by using this other people are not able to see you’re online or offline. The majority of people use this feature when they are busy or don’t want to talk with others.

Download status:

We have seen our contact statuses videos, text, and photos and we loved to have it for that purpose TMWhatsApp has to introduce a status saver feature. Simply click on the download icon which is provided to you in the application. Location status, bottom right side Download icon.

Hide last seen:

Some people don’t want to share their last seen (the time where you stop using WhatsApp is called last seen) This makes your status offline but you are online.

Hide status:

We have many types of people in our contacts relatives, friends, professionals, or other kinds of people for that purpose we have to select our contact which whom we have to share our status and hide from others.

Theam, text, text size, icon:

We have profiting type settings, Theam changing option we will easily change our WhatsApps background them templates are available here and choice for gallery selection. Text, text size: many types of text styles are available here Choose your own or another text setting and you will manually change the text size and adjust your text as you want. Icon: the main thing that makes this application more trading which is the choice of your TMWhatsApp icon, change it, and add other application icons that hide your app’s identity.

Showing Deleted images, voice, pictures, documents, files, or videos:

Some people are sanding any type of text messages, voice, videos, or other types of messages after sanding they delete it immediately in other WhatsApp mods we see only a text “This message was deleted” but in this application, the messages are not be deleted they are still saved to you, either any kind of messages they are sand to you.

Open once shared images, voice, pictures, video, files, or documents are still available:

Other WhatsApp users are sand messages bay using once in other mods it works as a once seen after seen it will disappear automatically. But in this application, it will still here no one will delete a single word or a text after sanding to you.

Hide contact names or numbers:

TMWhatsApp is a personal type of application many types of conversations have been discussed there. If contact is private to you then you have to hide the name or number.

How to use it? How to install it?

For using this application you have to download it first. For downloading this application visit WhatsApp Delta’s official site of WhatsApp Mods. Click on the download button, and allow it to install, after that opens, the apk provides the login details (phone number, your good name, and profile picture) now your account is successfully created enjoy the application.

DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Size40 Mb
requaired version4.0.0
Last updatedApril 26, 2022


your TMWhatsApp mod’s latest version is available here Download now and enjoy this version and the latest version will be updated soon.

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